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We are a positive set of individuals who are passionate about the furniture and design industry. Over the years, we have added various product ranges to our portfolio and we strive to deliver them to our clients with honest customer service and professionalism.

We are obsessed with high quality furniture and have travelled around the world to source new inspirations and build them into products. 

As a family company, we understand the importance of lasting associations and developing trust with our clients. We understand that a long-term partnership requires honesty and dedication. Our never-ending learning lies on the principal of both learning from and educating our clients. This philosophy is what helps us achieve satisfaction in our work and make it our life.


Lights, Camera, The Woodpecker….




We believe a safe environment an important ingredient for a happy workforce. Our OH&S measures ensure a healthy mind with a healthy family.


We do not engage in child labor and also assist our team members in all capacity to have a safe future for their children. We follow ethical protocols and are certified with most of the relevant agencies in Solid wood furniture category, namely:              





ISO 9001:2009

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